JOYSUNG Is Committed To Bringing High Quality Portable Devices To The World

JOYSUNG is committed to the perfect application of high-quality portable equipment to engineering machinery, petrochemicals, ship ports, thermal power plants, wind power towers, hydropower stations, steel plants and construction industries.Our products are widely recognized by the global market for their superior quality, rugged durability, stable and powerful functions, and flawless appearance.

TDG60 Portable Line Boring Field Repair Tools-JOYSUNG

TDG60 portalbe line bore in situ machining tools

TDG60 Mobile Line Borer Machine for Forklift Repair Tools

Simple and easy to use automatic repair welding machine and portable boring bar tool. Reliable TDG series boring tools have obtained many patents. We have our own manufacturing plant in China. We have backup for all equipment and parts. Before leaving the factory, each equipment will be tested and checked repeatedly by professional technicians of JOYSUNG, and our equipment has passed the international standard quality and safety test. TDG series boring machine adopts modular design concept, which can realize rapid installation and disassembly, and can adapt to various narrow space and high altitude complex situations. Through the mobile phone, you can view the operation video or user manual, you can immediately learn how it works, this reasonable design means it is more convenient, and it can be perfectly connected with the inner hole automatic repair welding machine, realizing integration.

We always believe our portable tools will help our outstanding customers to achieve the goals and quality they need with the least effort and time!