JOYSUNG Machinery Specializes In The Production Of Portable Machine Tools And Is Widely Recognized By The Global Market For Its High Quality Standards.

SHENZHEN JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. (registered trademark: JOYSUNG), founded in October 2005, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of portable machining equipment, technology promotion (engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, ships, bridges, mines, water conservancy power stations, nuclear power stations, wind power towers) and other industries.

TDG50 portable line boring machine is the latest patented product of JOYSUNG (Patent No.: 12015205187705). It integrates JOYSUNG 's experience in field engineering services over the past decade. It is the perfect combination of top industrial design and field hole machining ability, which can achieve accurate, safe and efficient field hole machining.

TDG50 JOYSUNG  Line Boring  Tools

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