JOYSUNG Reaches Cooperation With Customers In Dubai

Eizzo, our client, from Dubai, the second largest city in the UAE, is a purchasing manager for a company that manufactures, markets and exports various industrial tools. Its company has cooperated with many well-known joint ventures since 1997. With its rich experience and strong business acumen in the industry, the company has become a leader in the industry.

We have been looking for companies that share our values and drive with us to promote our high-quality portable machinery. We are very pleased to be able to work with Eizzo company, which is led by Mr. Naresh purswani, hard-working, enterprising and eager to succeed. I believe JOYSUNG will be a representative of its many outstanding partners, and I hope to keep closer contact with UAE customers.

JOYSUNG is very honored to establish a partnership with the company of Eizzo, which is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and exporter of various industrial tools. It's very meaningful to work with the company of Eizzo, which can enable JOYSUNG to bring advanced technology and high-quality tools to customers around the world.

With 15 years of on-site machining service experience in the industry, JOYSUNG constantly improves and innovates portable tools.As a high-quality representative of on-site machining of portable equipment, over the past five years successfully launched more than 40 new products, including the latest remote operation and CNC operation products    

As one of the representatives of high quality, we provide tools widely used in the field machining industry: portable flange facing machines, portable line boring machines, portable automatic bore welding systems, portable reamers, portable CNC thread milling machines, portable single-arm surface milling machines , Portable milling machine, portable keyway milling machine, portable gantry milling machine and other products-We provide these high-quality products with industry-leading quality and price.


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We always believe our portable tools will help our outstanding customers to achieve the goals and quality they need with the least effort and time!