JOYSUNG Successfully Developed And Manufactured A Fully Automatic Mask Machine

The commissioning of the first mask machine produced by Shenzhen JOYSUNG Machinery Co., Ltd. was completed and the mission of the state-owned enterprise to win the epidemic prevention and control battle was bravely undertaken.

Automatic Mask machine (5)

On April 25, the first fully automatic one-drag-one-face mask machine independently produced by JOYSUNG was officially off the assembly line. It took only one month from the development of drawings, technical research, material procurement, installation and commissioning to the off-line of the whole machine to achieve a breakthrough in mask machine production.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech and important instructions issued by General Secretary Jinping on epidemic prevention and control, complete the tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Party Committee on time and quality, Guangye Group's overall coordination and guidance in the provincial SASAC Under the vigorous assistance of the provincial brother companies, all members of the mask machine project team overcome the difficulties of tight material supply, almost from scratch, race against time, successfully developed the first mask machine off the assembly line, and started the production of mask machines The "first shot".

JOYSUNG will speed up the production of multiple plane mask machines. In addition, the self-developed N95 three-dimensional mask machine will also be delivered in May. The successful research and development of the JOYSUNG mask machine will effectively ease the tight supply and demand of masks in the province and show the state-owned enterprises' responsibility for winning the epidemic prevention and control.