MFM350 Manual Hand Driven Hand Operated Flange Facer Machine

MFM350 manual flange facer machine 


Flat face machining


Groove line machining


    Re-machining damaged flange facing tool

  • Safe, efficient and accurate refacing of flat pipe flange surfaces


  • Worried about the Gas explosion, dust explosion on site service of flange facing? DTH’S portable ultra-portable manual flange tool will recondition flange gasket safely ,convenient.


  • MFM350 makes flange refacing easy


  • Remote location of pipe construction company and vessel manufacturers ,which makes the power provided difficult, hundreds of situations where flanges that need to be refaced are in awkward or even dangerous situation,with limited room to operate. Due to the size of manual flange facer tool, we can put it in good use.


  • MFM350 weight 7kg(15.4lbs),made of Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum,Aloys ect,which makes it ultra-portable to operate without paring down weight means no loss of performance and capability.


  • It’s easy to operate hand held flange facer , it turns a two technicans’ operation with heavy equipment, compressors and portable generators into a one man’ job.


  • In addition the tool can be pared with different feed screws making it suitable for resurfacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges to the high safety standards required.

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