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We have our own manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Our portable equipment is completely produced by us, and we can ensure high quality. Our portable boring system is the most economical and convenient way to remachining and repair concentric circular holes. We promise a one-year warranty.

TDG50, TDG60 and TDG90 boring bar tools can meet all your needs when drilling. Our boring bar tools can repair equipment such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, cranes, bridge steel structures , Internal loader, scraper hook, rear rack hole, etc.

Patented drive head system:

Innovative integration of two groups of rotation and feed system, using the internationally famous brand of motor as the driver, the output power is strong and stable. Its weight is only 9.5kg, which reflects the portability of drilling on site to the greatest extent. Control the speed adjustment within 0.05mm during boring feed. Mild tap can realize the exchange of positive and negative rotation, and it is very practical.

High strength positioning rod:

40 / 42CrMo material has high strength after overall tempering, decantation, surface chromium and other heat treatment processes, which provides a strong guarantee for cutting and accuracy assurance.

Add relevant accessories to achieve 35-350mm pipe hole.

TDG60 portalbe line bore in situ machining tools

JOYSUNG TDG60 Portable Portable Line Bore Repair Machine Mobile Field Services Tools

JOYSUNG-TDG60 Portable Portable Line Bore Repair Machine Mobile Field Services Tools


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