Mask Machine Debugging And Operation And Maintenance Technical Training Alleviate The Scarcity Of Mask Machine Debuggers

On March 13th, the mask machine debugging and operation and maintenance technical training course (second phase) sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command Office Materials Support Group was held in Guangzhou. The purpose is to train students to understand the principle technology and practical operation technology of mask machine debugging and operation and maintenance, and alleviate the problem of paralysis in the workshop of the mask production line of the Pearl River Delta region that has not been completed and commissioned.

A reporter from the Economic Observation Network learned that during the epidemic, most of the mask manufacturing enterprises temporarily rushed to change production without taking into account the problem of machine debugging. Therefore, commissioning and maintenance has become the biggest problem faced by manufacturers of these masks.

"Mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete different processes." Lee Shang, a person in charge of an equipment manufacturer in Shenzhen, said that under normal circumstances, it takes 20 days for a mature manufacturer to produce a mask machine, but During the epidemic, many conversion companies were able to produce a machine within 15 days. From the beginning of February, Lee Shang's factory also began to produce mask machines.

The biggest problem caused by this blind pursuit of speed is that many processing accessories do not meet the requirements. This is not the worst. "There are still many manufacturers’ machine drawings that are wrong, resulting in unsuccessful production later. For companies that buy mask machines, they do n’t have an in-depth understanding of the equipment, and they ca n’t afford the equipment they bought at a great cost Using production masks, this will produce a butterfly effect and make the loss even greater. So at this time an experienced mask machine debugging function is very important.