On October 31, 2019, Shenzhen Joysung Machinery Co., Ltd. Made A Summary Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Portable Boring Machines, And Gave Detailed Solutions

Question 1: Which type of portable boring machine should I use?

The model of the pupil is determined according to the working conditions of your site. The size of the aperture and the depth of the hole, as well as the span between the hole and the hole, as well as the material of the pupil, is like many things in life. Everyone has their own preferred system based on their own environment, experience and time constraints.

Question 2: What is the power source of the portable Line boring machine?

Portable boring machine is mainly divided into four kinds of power sources. The three commonly used ones are servo, hydraulic, and German EE motors, and there is also a pneumatic power source.

Question 3: At what speed should the mast rotate during machining?

The speed is stepless speed regulation during the boring, and the alloy tool is suitable for high speed cutting because the tool is resistant to high temperatures. The white steel tool is suitable for slow cutting and the tool does not have high temperature resistance. There is also a direct relationship between the size and speed of the hole machine. The larger the hole diameter, the lower the speed selected.

Question 4: How close is the bearing to the machining hole?

The distance between the bearing hole and the machining hole is generally between 80 and 150. If the end device is installed, the distance may be around 250.

Question 5: What is the best way to accurately measure holes and setup tools?

There are many ways to measure the hole. This needs to be based on the experience of the on-site processing master. Generally, we will use the internal hole measuring tape to measure, and also use the caliper to measure. The most accurate measurement method is to take out the mast and measure it with an internal diameter dialometer, but this method is troublesome and is not applicable.

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