Portable Automatic Bore Welder Improves Weld Quality And Efficiency

Portable welding equipment greatly improves the efficiency of welding. Today, Xiaobian will share with you how the automatic welding equipment works.

Driven by the trend of automatic mechanization, automatic welding equipment has replaced manual welding, greatly reducing the labor force and improving the welding quality.

Bw350 portable automatic internal hole repair welding machine under joysung brand is a classic type of welding equipment. It can complete the welding work with high quality under a variety of complex working conditions. Bw350 automatic repair welding machine, in the welding process, the arc combustion is stable, the composition at the joint is uniform, the weld seam is well formed, the weld joint is small, and the deposition rate of filler metal is high. Welding automation equipment and other systems, such as automatic transmission system, automatic detection, automatic smoke and dust removal, can form an automatic production line, which can greatly improve the overall replacement rate of the production workshop. All in all, the welding equipment greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the operators.

bw350 Portable automatic inner hole repair welding machine

Automatic welding equipment welding work video

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