Portable Flange Surface Processing Tools Closely Related To The Petrochemical Industry

In the oil, gas, and chemical industries, it is important to prevent leaks and ensure effective sealing of flange surfaces. Therefore, regular inspections and preventive maintenance can effectively help resolve the crisis. The flange surface in need of preventive maintenance generally includes a convex surface, a flat surface, an RTJ, an O-ring groove, a lens ring and a T-groove surface.

After you have received the professional training and technical guidance of the JOYSUNG field service team, you will be able to operate our portable turning machine skillfully to repair these surfaces quickly and efficiently.

As a high-quality representative of on-site machining of portable equipment, JOYSUNG brand's equipment products enjoy a high reputation in the world.

FDG1650 Portable Flange Facing Tools

Modular design concept, can achieve rapid installation, disassembly, to meet a variety of machining environment:

  • Automatic feed in radial and vertical direction, or manual feed;

  • The inner diameter chuck can be adjusted up and down, with 8 supporting points, and is firmly clamped;

  • Equipped with remote control box, easy to operate, safety factor;

  • High precision mechanical transmission mechanism ensures that the machine is installed horizontally, upside down and vertically;

  • All bearings are NSK high-precision, heavy-duty bearings, to ensure the smooth operation of the body without vibration;