Portable Line Milling Machine Introduction

Portable face milling machines are mainly used in the following industries: nuclear power, thermal power, casting, ship, mine, petroleum, military, chemical, etc. Portable face milling machine is for on-site plane maintenance, ship loader gantry, ship unloader cantilever beam, power plant generator base, equipment installation contact surface, tube plate flange keyway, steam turbine plane, missile launching base, elliptical surface, hatch Plane repair of equipment such as in-line machining and milling of covers, crane pads or T-slots.


Portable flat milling machines will encounter a misunderstanding. What is wrong? Everyone thinks that the portable face milling machine is light and can be taken away by two people. This is not the case. The portable milling machine is applied on the spot, because the working conditions on the site are more complicated. Many workpieces to be machined in the plane are relatively large, a few tons or hundreds of tons of weight, and it will take time to adjust the labor in the workshop. Even some workpieces can no longer be machined by a milling machine or a large-scale milling machine. Only the processing method of the on-site milling machine can be used to meet the demand.

What is a portable face milling machine? 1. It can be assembled on site 2. The volume is relatively light 3. The bed can be adjusted 4. The driving mode can be electric or hydraulic 5. The inclined surface The bottom plane The vertical surface can realize the milling process.

And portable face milling machine Gantry milling machine Keyway milling machine Circular milling machine Flange face milling machine can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of the field conditions