Portable Small Line Boring Machine Affordable Package Can Be Customized To Meet Your Demands

Hi-tech design, Cost Effective Solution

Difficult to move the components? Don't get the powerful machine to bore or drill the hole? Worried about the accurateness of the hole? No problem, DTH'S ultra-portable powerful, hydraulic powered makes even the hardest to reach pipes, holes in a safe, convenient & precisely way .

     How could this boring machine can be set up easily and quick?

  • It adopts modular components such as high quality cast-iron set-up cones and spherical bearing mounts, and it's patented spherical bearing mounting system allow quick set up,with up to 5° of bearing misalignment. With the quick set up time, it allows an experienced operator to finish the mounting in 30 minutes.

      How does this machine to work to provide such a powerful machine?

  • TDG60 will be equipped with electric motor or hydraulic power unit, the hydraulic unit will provide the most powerful equipment. Up to 25Hp(18.5Kw),60L/min, which supply 951N.m torque at bar.

  • Power option: electric motor, servo, penumatic & hydraulic unit.

  • As for the Rotation unit, it gets specialized-designed with  3:1 & 6.5:1 worm gear reduction for reducting rotation circle which makes the power stronger, increase torque.

      How to finish the high precision machining under control?

  • Rotation drive & feed unit to be mounted anywhere along the bar, separately also.That requires the boring bar has to be made of 42CrMo chrome-plated steel purely.

  • Patented heavy-duty spherical bearing mounts are imported from Japanese NSK, which is famous of making high precision bearings.

  • All the parts are made with experienced artisans, under strictly quality control.


TDG60 is widely used in these industries:

  • Petrochemical

  • Shipping rebuilding

  • Mining industry

  • Power Generation

  • Pulp & paper

  • Steel & Aluminum

  • Transportation

  • Construction

Particularly apply for : 

  • Heavy equipment repair

  • Stern tube boring

  • Wicket gate repair on dams

  • Bridge building/re-building

  • Turbine coupling boring

  • Engine block repair

  • Bearing seat repair

  • Press repair

  • Value body boring 

  • Pump body boring

  • Large fab bore aligent




DTH has the conventional boring , counter boring, line boring , facing ,grooving ... covered. Also customized provided for your demands, no matter when you need it , give us a call.