Revolutionary, Heavy-duty Mill LMD 5000 Linear/ Gantry Milling Machine

LMD5000 Gantry Milling Machine is a revolutionary heavy-duty milling machine, which can be flexibly assembled into Linear or Gantry Milling according to different environment on site!

LMD5000-LMD5000 Gantry Milling Machine

LMD5000 Linear / Gantry Mlling Machine completely subverts the design of traditional milling machine, and four main features make it one of the best milling machines in the market today.

  • Modular structure design, easy to operate, convenient for field installation, horizontal installation, vertical installation, inverted installation;

  • The two main guide rails at the bottom are linear guide rails, and the base is of structural steel frame structure, which has been heat treated for many times, and the bottom is provided with bolt fixing holes and adjustment holes, which can be used for plane adjustment. 

  • Heavy load linear guide rail and double ball screw ensure the accuracy of cutting. 

  • Milling spindle power system adopts high-power imported hydraulic motor, equipped with remote control box, which is convenient to control the speed;

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