Senegal Friends Doing On Site Line Boring For Excavator Hole With TDG60

Appreciate for Senegal clients sharing of TDG60 Line boring machine.

Senegal TDG60 Line boring machine

Our portable line boring machine supports boring diameter from 35mm-2100mm, with high precision of Concentricity and finish. 

DTH line boring machine comes with stable mounting brackets , it's widely used on different on site industries, including Hydropower , tank hole repairing, shipyard , Petrochemical on site machining.

It's used in tight spaces , limited room, because it's portable on site tools, DTH line boring machine saves a lot of cost and time between the different transportation for heavy equipments' line boring job from workshop.

Portable on site line boring machine tools, we try our best to do the rotation drive and axial feed system light and reliable.

Boring bar and bearing with high precision. Also the drive unit comes with electric , pneumatic and hydraulic 3 different options according to different on site conditions. 

On site line boring machine , all the accessories will be assembled and disassembled together with 2 operators easily.