Small Series Of Take You To Understand Welding Machine

Provide certain characteristics of welding is welding power supply appliances, welding due to the flexible and simple solid, welded or even equal strength with the material advantages of widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, marine, automotive, container, and so on.

Welding machine (electric welding machine) is actually a characteristic of a decline in transformer, 220V and 380V AC power into low-voltage direct current, welding machine by type of output power can be divided into two, one is AC power; a DC. DC of welding machine can said is a power of rectifier, points plus or minus very, Exchange electric entered Shi, by transformer transformer Hou, again by rectifier rectifier, then output has declined outside characteristics of power, output end in connected and disconnect Shi will produced huge of voltage changes, Poles in moments short-circuit Shi introduction burning arc, using produced of arc to melting welding article and welding material, cooling later reached makes they combined of purpose. Welding transformer has its own characteristic voltage after external feature is the electrode ignition characteristics of sharp decline.