The Export Of TCM508 Portable CNC Thread Milling Has Been Well Received By Customers.

On June 15, 2019, Australia's customer ordered a TCMm508 CNC Thread Milling Machine in our company, with a delivery period of 3 months.In September, the thread milling debugging was completed. Customers from far away in Australia came to our company in person, then our technicians and engineers provided on-site guidance and training for customers.


On September 28, TCM508 Portable CNC Thread Milling Machine was successfully delivered to Australia's customer and soon put into use. In the use process, the equipment runs well, the performance is stable and the processing is precise.

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TCM508 Portable CNC Thread Milling is a high-accuracy Portable CNC Machine Tool independently produced and developed by joysung company. It is widely used in precision machining of various parts of precision machinery equipment in nuclear power, wind power, petroleum, chemical industry, ship, mine, coal mine, steel and other industries, such as threaded hole, broken bolt, elliptical hole, irregular field plane milling. The TCM508 Portable CNC Thread Milling machine exported this time has good feedback at present.

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Our independently developed machinery and equipment can be successfully exported to Australia and won praise from customers, which is a great encouragement for our company, and helps the JOYSUNG brand of Shenzhen to base itself on the domestic market and steadily move to the international market.

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