The Main Components Of Small Portable CNC Machine Tools

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The small CNC milling machine consists of six main parts. That is, the bed part, the milling head part, the table part, the transverse feeding part, the system part, the cooling and lubrication parts.

small portable cnc mills machine

(1) Bed Part

The bed of the CNC milling machine mainly has two structures, one is a gantry type and the other is a vertical machining center structure. The layout is reasonable and has good rigidity. There are 4 adjusting bolts on the base to facilitate the horizontal adjustment of the machine tool. The cutting fluid storage tank is located inside the machine tool seat.

(2) Milling head part

The milling head section consists of a motor and a spindle. In general, the spindle motor uses a brushless motor, or a servo motor, and a high-speed motor spindle. The milling head spindle is supported on a high precision bearing. The spindle has high rotation precision and good rigidity; the spindle is equipped with a quick tool change nut; the spindle adopts mechanical stepless speed change, the adjustment range is wide, the transmission is stable, and the operation is convenient. The brake mechanism enables the spindle to brake quickly, saving auxiliary time, and braking the spindle immediately by braking the brake motor. The milling head assembly is also equipped with a servo motor, an internal toothed pulley, a ball screw pair and a spindle sleeve, which form a vertical direction (z-direction) feed drive chain to make the spindle move vertically.

(3) Workbench

The table and the saddle are supported on a wide horizontal rail of the lifting platform, and the longitudinal feed of the table is driven by a servo motor mounted at the right end of the table. The rotation of the servo motor drives the rotation of the ball screw, and the rotation of the ball screw drives the linear motion of the table. The vertical and horizontal guide rails of the saddle are all equipped with high-precision linear guide rails, which improves the wear resistance, smoothness and accuracy of the guide rails, and eliminates low-speed creep.

(4) Lifting platform (lateral approach)

An AC servo motor is installed in front of the lifting platform. The driving bed saddle is used for the transverse feeding motion, and the transmission principle is the same as the longitudinal feeding of the table.

(5) CNC system

At present, the basic functions of the domestic CNC system are close to the international level. Japan's FANUC system, Germany's HEIDENHAIN system is a high-end CNC system on the market, with high price, stable performance and high control precision. Taiwan's new generation, Baoyuan is also the system currently used by many CNC machine tools. The main domestic products are Guangzhou CNC, Kanedi system, and Yixin intelligent control system. Generally, for the convenience of use, there are hand wheels.

(6) Cold heading and lubricating device

1 cooling system. The cooling system of the machine tool is composed of a cooling pump, an outlet pipe, a return pipe, a switch and a nozzle. The cooling pump is installed in the inner cavity of the machine base, and the cooling pump drives the cutting fluid from the reservoir in the base to the outlet pipe, and then The nozzle is ejected to cool the cutting zone.

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