The Most Advanced Portable Boring Bar

JOYSUNG'S range of machines represents the world's most advanced technology for on-site boring capability, incorporating leading engineering and cutting edge features for safe, reliable and accurate cutting.The series (TDG series) It consists of main parts such as the headstock, feed box, boring rod, screw rod, quick positioning device, inner hole measuring ruler, support, tool holder, tool setting ruler and other important parts. The equipment machining range covers 1.377953 inches to 11.8 inches (35-300mm). ) Diameter boring range, and optional boring bar up to 5000mm.


Product application industry:

Portable line boring machine is a kind of portable machining equipment mainly developed for field maintenance of engineering, energy and chemical equipment. It is mainly used for the machining of small and medium-sized pipe inner holes and concentric spacing holes. It is widely used in many fields. It can repair small and medium-sized engineering mechanical equipment such as crane, excavator, bulldozer, tractor, forklift, crane, bridge steel structure, internal loader , scraper hook, rack back hole, etc.

tdg mobile hole repair machines