Tube Sheet Welding Machine Of Ingenious Application Of The Theory Should Be Combined With China's Actual Conditions

Western tube sheet welding marketing theory is necessary. Tube sheet welding ingenious application of the theory should be combined with China's national conditions. In practice, and we need to further understand the essence of Western marketing. Since we are compared with the history of economic development in the West, we are still young, Western economic understanding is not deep, before Western theoretical understanding of translation errors, and we took many detours. We know the market segmentation theory and formulation of enterprises in accordance with market needs diversity and the differences of buyers on the overall market, divided into a number of customers have some similar characteristics in order to choose to set their own target market. Understanding of the theory, and I think most people like me: by segmenting enterprises seek your expertise in the segment's market, select positioning. But when we practice, only to find after market segments, each region has stronger factory occupation, to preempt the market segment is very difficult.