Which Manufacturer Is Strong In Disposable Medical Mask Manufacturing Equipment?

"One mask is hard to find" across the country, and the equipment for making masks has become a hot commodity. There are more and more mask-making machines. Which manufacturer of mask-making equipment is strong? In order to assist the production of medical supplies and to support the recent outbreak of new coronavirus, JOYSUNG has concentrated its advantageous resources to launch a high-speed automatic one-to-two plane mask machine production line. The mask machine production line includes automatic feeding of raw materials, automatic transportation, cutting of the nose bridge, mask edge welding, folding, ultrasonic fusion, forming, cutting and other full-process automation, completing the entire production process from coiled raw materials to mask finished products.

The production line consists of a host (mask forming machine) plus two earband welding machines (outer earband), connected by a one-two transmission line. Only one operator is needed for this production line, which can realize the fully automatic production process from roll material feeding, folding and compression forming and slitting, ear belt feeding machine welding and cutting. After the mask machine outputs the mask body, the mask body piece is transported to the turning mechanism by the conveyor belt structure, and the mask disc is turned to the conveyor belt connected to the ear belt machine by the turning mechanism, and then the mask sheet is transported to the ear belt machine by the conveyor belt Above the first mask plate on the front, finally put the mask piece into the mask plate of the ear strap machine by pressing down on the cylinder, and then the ear strap machine completes the welding of the ear strap of the mask, the edge wrapping and other actions, thus completing an ear mask product Production. The mask machine equipment adopts ultrasonic welding method, which has beautiful appearance, sanitation and environmental protection.

JOYUSUNG mask machine production line has a capacity of 90-110 pieces per minute, the length of the nose bridge is adjustable, and the product size error is ± 1mm. A variety of mask pieces can be realized by replacing some molds according to demand. Masks, smooth cloth masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks, double nose masks, etc. Support the production of 1-5 layer non-woven mask sheet. The ear-band masks produced have comfortable wearing, no pressure, good filtering effect, and fit the human face, which can be applied to medical, electronics, construction and other industries.