Why Is Mfm350 Portable Hand Flange Machine So Popular?

MFM350 Mini Flange Facing Tool use operation video

FDG350 portable hand flange end face processing machine products are mainly used in nuclear power, valves, petrochemical, offshore oil, metallurgy, water conservancy and many other fields. Our goal is not only to provide professional installation and maintenance equipment for users in various fields, but also to promote this advanced maintenance concept in the industry, share rich industry application experience, and specialize in providing innovation for process technology such as installation and overhaul. Type solution.


MFM350 hand flange surface processing machine processing diameter range: 1" (25.4mm) - 13" (330mm)。


The MFM350 Portable Mini Hand Flanger has a net weight of only 7kg and is the smallest in all portable flange processing equipment.


Performance introduction:

1. Modular design concept, which can realize quick installation and disassembly to meet various processing environments;

2. The bearings are all imported NSK bearings to ensure stable operation and no vibration;

3. The gear mechanical transmission mechanism ensures the horizontal, inverted and vertical installation of the machine;

4. The vertical direction feed is manual, and the operation is simple and reliable;

5. The fixed method adopts the inner card type triangle for quick centering support and the fixing is more stable;

6. The tool holder is rotatable to meet different processing environments;