Why Use On-site Boring?

Mobile boring is a process by which very heavy machinery - too heavy or too expensive to move to the machine shop - can be repaired on site, restoring bearing bores and pin ids to factory specifications. This is also a good way for new manufacturers to drill holes of almost any size at any angle to very close tolerances.

This is a diverse approach to precision drilling. It is fast and precise, with high accuracy and outstanding results. On-site repair capabilities save costly downtime and transportation costs, so these advantages make line boring extremely cost effective.

If used properly, the mobile boring can eliminate the need for the inner diameter of the boring mill. It's cheaper and faster than any other way to repair large machines!


JOYSUNG's main products are: engineering machinery boring machine, portable boring machine, portable flange processing machine, portable surface milling machine, etc. In 2015, it successfully signed an agency agreement with German EIBENSTOCK company and became the exclusive agent of Germany EIBENSTOCK China.


With its standardized management concept, good working environment, harmonious working atmosphere and positive working attitude, JOYSUNG provides high-quality products and high-standard services to the market, and constantly improves brand influence.