Portable Line Milling On Site Tools

Portable Line Milling On Site Tools
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LMD1000 Portable Hydraulic Power Supply Units


Main components; machine tool by the base bed; worktable; left and right columns; beams; top beam; connecting beam; boring and milling head composition. Main Structure Type: Gantry consists of bed, left and right columns, connecting beam and top beam. The lower part of the left and right columns is connected with the bed body; the connecting beam and the top beam are firmly connected with the upper part of the left and right columns. Forming a closed frame structure with high stiffness.


LMD1000 Gantry Milling

X Axis(Bed) Stroke1000mm

Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Standard:1000mm

Spindle Head Taper:NT40 or NT50

Maximum Cutter Diameter:160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)

Z Axis Stroke:250mm

Feed Rate:35-750mm/min

Spindle R.P.M.:0-740

Digital Read Out:Y/Z Axis Digital Scale


LMD1000 Gantry milling machine, fixed bed, worktable movement; headstock with Slab Up and down movement; can also move around the beam to achieve three-axis linkage; spindle Servo Motor. The main machine tool has the functions of milling, boring, drilling, counterboring and so on.

LMD1000 machine tool is our company absorbed the modern advanced design and manufacture technology, adopted the CAD optimization design method, implemented the national current precision standard, collocated the domestic and foreign advanced function parts, hIGH-TECH MECHATRONICS engineering products with high strength cutting, dynamic and static rigidity, safe and reliable operation, long service life and high processing efficiency are realized in structure performance.

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LMD1000 GANTRY MILLING MACHINE: applicable to machinery, steel, energy, automobile, aerospace, weapons, ships and other industries of large and medium-sized parts processing.


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