Portable Line Mills On Site Tools

Portable Line Mills On Site Tools
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LMD3000 China Gantry Milling Hydraulic Portable 



One device, two processing modes, you can flexibly switch between line milling and gantry milling processing modes according to field working conditions and on site machining requirements.


LMD3000 Gantry Milling                

X Axis(Bed) Stroke3000mm                

All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel

Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity

The arm is made of aluminum alloy

X axis stroke: 3000mm (118.0″) 
Y axis stroke(standard):1000mm (40.0″)

Performance advantage:

1. Gantry milling machine has enough rigidity, high efficiency, easy to operate, simple structure, comprehensive performance and so on.
 2. TX 400 vertical milling head configuration heavy-duty Gantry milling head, double rectangular guide, strong rigidity;
3. Milling head equipped with ball screw, pneumatic broach device, driven by Servo Motor; 
4. The side milling head is equipped with V 5 type Gantry Milling head, equipped with independent lubrication device, the lifting is driven by common reducer, and the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion
5. The three-axis CNC system, which can be programmed and operated by extension panel manually, is very practical in machining. 
6. Bed Advance and retreat, beam up and down, end mill head up and down are equipped with Taiwan ball screw, driven by Servo Motor;
7.Kill. With synchronous belt, synchronous wheel;
8. Hand-held electronic hand wheel unit, convenient for three-axis tool alignment;
9. Unique crossbeam lifting safety interlock device to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of machine tools; 
10. Table Standard Cycloidal pump group continuous lubrication, low failure rate.


Lmd3000 Gantry milling machine easy to operate, save time, repair quality, low cost. With its unique adhesion, excellent compressive strength, oil resistance and wear resistance, it can provide a long-term protective layer for the components The utility model can effectively solve the problems that can not be solved for the large-scale equipment which can not be disassembled because of the traditional maintenance methods, so as to improve the performance of the equipment, improve the fitting clearance of the parts, and ensure the normal operation of the production to the maximum extent For customers to save a lot of time and money for the normal operation of enterprise equipment to provide a long-term good guarantee.





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