Portable Line Milling In Situ Tools

Portable Line Milling In Situ Tools
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LMD5000 Mill Arch Gantry Milling Machining And Repair 


LMD5000 Gantry Milling

X Axis(Bed) Stroke:5000mm

Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Option:2000mm, 3000mm

Z Axis Stroke:250mm

Spindle Head Taper:NT40 or NT50

Maximum Cutter Diameter:160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)

Feed Rate:35-750mm/min

Spindle R.P.M.:0-740

Digital Read Out:Z Axis Digital Scale


LMD5000 This machine is suitable for high speed steel and hard alloy disc milling cutter, Rod Milling Cutter and other tools, processing various Ferrous, Non-ferrous metal and parts of non-metallic materials It can finish milling of various plane, inclined plane, groove and so on. It has the advantage of high efficiency.

Lmd5000 Gantry Milling Products beautiful appearance, durable, reliable quality Joysung has advanced technology and equipment, perfect detection means, practical work style, and excellent whole-process management, build up the excellent quality of enterprise products. Products sold throughout the country, by the majority of users praise and trust.

Lmd5000 Planer milling machine adopts AC servo drive system, gear rack drive system and roller linear guide. It can realize the movement precision of the machine and reduce the Labor intensity of the workers.

LMD5000 The Gantry milling machine is a large and efficient universal machine, can be multi-cutter multi-surface processing, mainly used for milling all kinds of large and medium-sized workpiece plane and inclined plane, vertical plane, etc. Such as t-shaped slot, keyway and so on.


Since its establishment, Jiusheng has become the leader of portable machinery industry in China after more than ten years'development. In China's portable machinery industry, Joysung has the cutting edge technology and the highest quality products, and Joysung combines all of its experience, talent and technology to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their products And have confidence in access to high-quality processing and manufacturing services.|

The machine tool can efficiently and accurately finish the milling, drilling, boring, reaming and other multi-process processing of the complex surface of the parts. The right angle milling head and universal milling head can be selected to realize the one-time clamping of the parts and complete the five-side processing of the parts It can be used in machining, mould and complex surface.


LMD5000 Gantry machining center machine tool is a frame structure with fixed cross beam, movable worktable and Gantry. On the basis of inheriting the characteristics of Traditional Gantry, such as strong rigidity and good stability, it introduces the advanced design concept of digestion and absorption It is a kind of advanced equipment with high efficiency, high precision and high reliability to use the finite element method to analyze the mechanics, distribute the rib reasonably and improve the whole rigidity, static precision and dynamic performance of the machine tool.


The contact surface between crossbeam and column, Crossbeam Slide Plate, column slide plate, table guide rail surface are all through manual fine scraping to ensure the precision of sliding fit.

LMD5000 Gantry milling is suitable for high speed steel and carbide disc milling cutter, Bar Milling Cutter and other tools, processing a variety of Ferrous, Non-ferrous metal and parts of non-metallic materials, it can finish milling of various plane, inclined plane, groove and so on. It has the advantage of high efficiency.

Lmd5000 machine tool foundation parts all by our company self-casting, self-processing, self-heat treatment and installation. Except screw and gear made by professional manufacturer. The casting is made of HT250 HIGH-STRENGTH HIGH-QUALITY CAST iron. All the castings have been treated by thermal aging and vibration aging. Bed Guide Rail, Beam Guide Rail, all through the ultrasonic quenching processing.


Widely used in general machinery, aviation, aerospace, automotive, nuclear industry, energy, mold, locomotives, heavy machinery, construction machinery, ships, machine tools, electronics, printing, textile and other manufacturing industries.




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