Mobile Gantry Mills On Site Machine

Mobile Gantry Mills On Site Machine
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LMD4000 heavy Hydraulic  mills  Repair Tools On Site Machining 


LMD4000 Gantry Milling                

X Axis(Bed) Stroke4000mm                

All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel

Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity

The arm is made of aluminum alloy

Hydraulic Power Unit:26KW
Digital Read Out:Z Axis Digital Scale


1. This machine tool is our company absorbed the modern advanced design and manufacture technology, adopted the CAD optimization design method, implemented the national current precision standard, collocated the domestic and foreign advanced function parts, hIGH-TECH MECHATRONICS engineering products with high strength cutting, dynamic and static rigidity, safe and reliable operation, long service life and high processing efficiency are realized in structure performance.
2, this machine is a reciprocating table, fixed gantry, moving beam structure, with a milling head. 
3. The basic parts of this machine tool are all cast, processed, heat treated and installed by our company. Except screw and gear made by professional manufacturer. The casting is made of LMD4000  HIGH-STRENGTH HIGH-QUALITY CAST iron. All the castings have been treated by thermal aging and vibration aging. Bed Guide Rail, Beam Guide Rail, all through the ultrasonic quenching processing. 
4. The contact surface between crossbeam and column, Crossbeam Slide Plate, column slide plate, table guide rail surface are all through manual fine scraping to ensure the precision of sliding fit. 
5. This machine is suitable for cutting tools such as high speed steel and carbide disc milling cutters, rod milling cutters, etc. . It is suitable for processing various Ferrous, Non-ferrous metal and parts of non-metallic Materials It can finish milling of various plane, inclined plane, groove and so on. It has the advantage of high efficiency.


Improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance cost are the key points of current production work. With the increasing demand for production equipment, traditional production methods can not meet the needs of production. As a supplier of prefabricated machinery, joysung would like to share with you our experience in the field of metal cutting and machining and help you become more competitive





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