Mobile Gantry Milling On Site Machine

Mobile Gantry Milling On Site Machine
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LMD3000 China Gantry Milling Hydraulic Portable 



Gantry Milling Machine: the horizontal layout of the bed, its two sides of the column and connecting beam form the Gantry milling machine. The milling head is mounted on the CROSSBEAM and column and can be moved along its guide rail. Usually the crossbeam can move vertically along the column Guide Rail, and the worktable can move longitudinally along the bed guide rail. For large parts processing.


LMD3000 Gantry Milling                

X Axis(Bed) Stroke3000mm                

All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel

Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity

The arm is made of aluminum alloy

X axis stroke: 3000mm (118.0″) 
Y axis stroke(standard):1000mm (40.0″)

Performance advantage:

The Gantry milling machine is composed of a portal frame, a bed working table and an electrical control system. The portal frame consists of columns and beams with beams in the middle. The crossbeam can be moved up and down along the guide rail of the two columns. There are 1 ~ 2 milling heads with vertical spindle on the Crossbeam, which can move laterally along the crossbeam guide rail. A milling head with a horizontal spindle can be mounted on each of the two columns, which can move up and down along the column Guide Rail. These milling heads can process several surfaces simultaneously. Each milling head has a separate motor (maximum power up to 150 kw) , speed change mechanism, operating mechanism and spindle components. A movable worktable is arranged on the horizontal long bed body and is covered with a protective cover. During processing, the workpiece is mounted on a worktable and subsequently moved longitudinally.


Gantry milling machines also have some variants to accommodate different processing objects. 1 Gantry Boring and Milling Machine: The crossbeam is equipped with a milling and boring head, and the spindle (sleeve or Ram) can be moved in axial direction and has a movement micro-adjustment device, the micro-adjustment speed can be as low as 5 mm / Min. Can carry out boring and milling operations. 2 Gantry drilling and Milling Machine: a power head is arranged on the Crossbeam, and a drill or milling cutter is arranged on the connecting rod to complete the drilling and milling operations. An x-axis guide rail is arranged on the bed of the Gantry Milling Machine, and the worktable of the Gantry milling machine is fastened over the bed. A Gantry is arranged on the movable spanning frame above the worktable, and the Gantry frame also comprises a gantry carriage, and the Gantry carriage is clamped on the x-axis guide rail. Z Axis Guide Rail, installed on the Gantry. The Cross beam is provided with a Z axis carriage, through which the cross beam is movably clamped on the Z axis guide rail, and the Cross beam is also provided with a y axis guide rail. The milling device is movably installed on the y-axis guide rail, and the Gantry is made to be milling in three-dimensional space of X, Y and Z axes under the control of the NC circuit control system. The CNC Gantry milling machine with high-precision milling, drilling, boring, cutting and other operations.





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