Portable Gantry Milling In Field Tools

Portable Gantry Milling In Field Tools
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LMD5000 Mill Arch Gantry Milling Machining And Repair 


One device, two processing modes, you can flexibly switch between line milling and gantry milling processing modes according to field working conditions and on site machining requirements.


LMD5000 Gantry Milling

X Axis(Bed) Stroke:1000mm

Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Option:2000mm, 3000mm

Z Axis Stroke:250mm

Spindle Head Taper:NT40 or NT50

Maximum Cutter Diameter:160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)

Feed Rate:35-750mm/min

Spindle R.P.M.:0-740

Digital Read Out:Z Axis Digital Scale

Business Introduction

JOYSUNG, as a China leading supplier of commercial and industrial portable precision machinery, which gets many years of experience and exposure across the petrochemical, refining, power generation, offshore marine , shipyard building , mining maintenance and repairing.
Since 2004,We have always been committed to providing a professional equipment tools to all of our clients. JOYSUNG has been deeply involved in the different industries for decades with rich experience and skilled technicians on site portable line boring & welding ,flange facer, line milling & drilling, which has been helping variety of complex planned shutdown and emergency outages to achieve the highest tolerances and requirements under virtually all conditions.


Lmd5000 is a large Gantry Milling Machine Zhuoyang, many years of experience on the basis of traditional milling machine to improve gantry milling machine mechanism. Using international advanced metal repair materials to repair the guide rail scratch of Longmen Milling Machine, only a few hours to repair the part of the guide rail scratch, put into use.

Lmd5000 is a large Gantry Milling Machine The field test of Joysung machine proves that using LMD5000 Gantry milling machine to repair the equipment can save time, repair quality and cost. Using its unique adhesion, excellent compressive strength and oil resistance, wear resistance, can provide a long-term protection for the components.

The utility model can effectively solve the problems that can not be solved for the large-scale equipment which can not be disassembled because of the traditional maintenance methods, so as to improve the performance of the equipment, improve the fitting clearance of the parts, and ensure the normal operation of the production to the maximum extent For customers to save a lot of time and money for the normal operation of enterprise equipment to provide a long-term good guarantee.


Joysung Mobile Portable Gantry Milling Machine, after 15 years of research and development of wisdom and technology, in the rolling mill arch, compressor installation, ship loader, mining machinery, and other maintenance and processing fields to become a leader, the materials used are also world-class materials.

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